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Global InterAction has been successful by forging a team of professionals dedicated to understanding your business objectives first, and developing the most creative and appropriate Internet solutions to meet them.

Principle Consultant and Engineer

Todd Kurland

Todd Kurland has 30 years of experience in marketing, engineering, sales and business development.

Brief CV - Todd Kurland

Web Support Teams

Huffman Consulting

Huffman Consulting is based in Columbus, Ohio and has been teaming with Global InterAction since 1997 on our Trade Show and Event Management Solutions. Huffman Consulting provides companies with a variety of services designed to support Event Management Teams; including Web Administration and Support for Global InterAction's Web Show Management software.

Vivian Huffman

Nancy Porter
Website Manager

Blake Consulting

Blake Consulting is based in Easton, Massachusetts, and has been teaming with Global InterAction since 1995 to support our customers content management and editing needs. Blake Consulting provides companies with reliable and responsive content management for their web sites; and delivers the due diligence necessary to make sure your site content is accurate and up to date.

Michele Blake

Advisory Board

Global InterAction has a number of professionals on our Advisory Board that we rely on for business advice and counsel. We value their input to assist us in providing quality and professional service to our customers.

Glenn Kaplus
Kaplus Consulting

Richard Luppy

Murray J Kurland
Vice President International Sales and Marketing, Retired
S&C Electric Company

Christiane Loup
Executive Director
Purchasing Management Association of Boston


InterActive Communication Design

ICD is Global InterAction's methodology for planning, designing, implementing and managing large internal and external web sites for businesses and organizations.

Our experience has shown us that the most important investment your company can make in an Internet application is at the planning and design stage. We invest substantial effort in creating an indepth design which is fully documented that details the key areas of your design before committing resources to implementation.

ICD is based on the premise that large enterprises will have many individuals and departments involved in the creation and maintenance of interactive content, including both static and dynamic information and services.

ICD facilitates the integration and management of these independent teams to ensure highly professional and effective interactive internet communications with customers, business partners and employees.

The basis for ICD is to investigate the specific questions that individuals have when they visit a site, and to develop an intuitive website which gets their questions answered while delivering key company messages.

The benefit of ICD is an intuitive and complete web site which:

  • Is Responsive To Your Business Objectives
  • Is Easily Manageable and Extensible
  • Delivers a Consistent Presentation to Your Customers, Suppliers and Employees
  • Is Fully Portable
  • And which Protects your Technology Investment


Site and Data Security

Global InterAction provides security consulting services to advise customers on security issues effecting their use of the web and Internet.

Global InterAction is not an Internet security specialist, and for specific company security initiatives, we recommend companies that do security as their primary business.

For sites that Global InterAction is managing in an ASP environment (Application Service Provider), Global InterAction works with the customer to decide on the necessary security strategy. The resulting security strategy attempts to balance the desired level of security for different applications and data, against the financial resources available for such efforts. The goals are to minimize risk of lost or stolen data, and to minimize risk of corruption of the site and or data.

General Site and Data Security Actions

1) SSL encryption is used for log in forms and for forms requiring secure information such as credit card data.

2) Username/Password and/or Passcode, and user/user type security profiles, are used to control individual access to specific application functions and data.

3) Nightly database backup via the hosting companies. Periodic onsite backup to the local development server. Nightly onsite backup of the local development server to a cloud backup service. Daily backups of application code to a cloud source control server; nightly onsite backup of the local development server to a cloud backup service.

For questions, please contact Todd Kurland, President and primary consultant. Todd Kurland is responsible for all site and data security issues.

Data Classifications:

High Security: Login name/password, Credit Card Number
Protection: User/Pass, and an Event Manager security level, is required for access to User/Pass information. Users may retrieve their password directly, but only to the e-mail associated with the account. Credit Card data further requires a specific security level assignment in order to view or edit Credit Card data. User passwords and Credit Card data is encrypted.

Medium Security: Event Reports, Attendee Lists, general show data
Protection: User/Pass required for access to this information. Either access from the company internal network, or an Authorization Code, is required to 'add' a new User/Pass*. (If requested by the company, the *Authorization Code is not required.)

Low Security: Public show information
Protection: None. Information may be viewed by the public.


It is important for companies to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and capabilities. We have developed partnerships with diverse technology and services companies in order to offer our customers a wide technology solution.

The time we have committed to developing relationships with complementary businesses keeps us aware of the best ways to tackle a given project -- in turn, our customers leverage off of our partnerships and benefit from our proactive approach to business problem-solving.


Global InterAction believes community involvement has a positive impact on an individual's personal and professional life. For that reason, we encourage and support your involvement, and the involvement of business colleagues.