Global InterAction

Business and marketing services and products to leverage company relationships

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Our Vision

We believe that business success derives in part from strong customer and supplier relationships.

The web and other interactive technologies allow you to strengthen those relationships by being more accessible and responsive, and by continually educating your customers about the value of your products and services.

Our mission is to generate new opportunities for your business by leveraging your customer, supplier and employee relationships through the creative use of interactive technologies.

Our strategy is to work with you to develop and implement web and interactive strategies that will facilitate your business processes, and engage your customers and partners by getting their questions answered.

We've developed an approach that emphasizes thoughtful planning and strategic design, and that values simple and intuitive user experiences, creative development, thorough testing, documented guidelines for ongoing management, and industry standard technologies.

Every interaction with your prospects and customers is an opportunity to communicate the messages you want your customers and partners to identify with your company - professional, intelligent, creative, responsive. Our goal is to meet their expectations. And we measure our success by their feedback and by our customers meeting their business objectives.