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Global InterAction provides services to help you leverage new technology to accomplish your business objectives. Following is an outline of services. A cost summary is listed at the bottom of this page.


Global InterAction will conduct a web strategy and planning program at your company to identify the opportunities that exist for you to leverage the Internet to meet key business objectives. Our expertise is primarily in the areas of Marketing, Business Development, and Trade Show and Event Management. We'll prepare a formal analysis of the process, technical and information requirements for your web site; and outline an architecture and navigation strategy to assist in the development or expansion of your site.

Project Management

Developing and deploying web and interactive strategies and applications often requires coordination between several individuals or teams of individuals; both inside and outside the company. These may include IT departments, marketing and sales departments, graphic designers, and suppliers or other business partners you may be working with or who themselves may be using your site or application. Global InterAction will provide meeting facilitation and project management as necessary for web projects requiring this level of management and oversight.

Webmaster Consulting Agreement

Companies need a reliable resource to call on when planning or making decisions about their web and interactive strategies. They need someone they can rely on when they are considering changes, when they have new ideas, when they have new requirements. They need to be able to call on someone in the moment, someone who understands their business and who thoroughly understands the web; in order to advise them on their options, and to help them make the best decisions where their web strategy and internet strategy are concerned. Global InterAction offers a Webmaster Consulting Agreement to its customers to meet this need. It allows customers to have Global InterAction available to them when the need arises. Customers pay for 10 or 40 hours of consulting time at a 17% discount, and then they use it when they need it; it could be used up over a months time or a years time. This provides retainer type access without incurring an expense every month whether the time is used or not.

Webmaster Site Management Agreement

Company web sites are continually changing to remain current and accurate. The work can ebb and flow, and doesn't always lend itself to a regular schedule. Global InterAction offers a Webmaster Site Management Agreement that allows customers to engage Global InterAction on an as needed basis to keep their site current and accurate. Customers pay for 10 or 40 hours of web site management at a time at 20% off the standard rate, and then they use it when they need it; it could be used up over a months time or a years time. This allows companies to easily pay for the management of their site without having to treat each change as a project, and without having to incur invoices when there are only minutes, literally, of work done in a given time period.

Trade Show and Event Management Solutions

Global InterAction has worked with Hewlett-Packard and Philips Medical Systems to deliver a powerful suite of tools to support their Event Management processes. The solutions have been built using Global InterAction's vuEventsPortal , which is a platform that provides user, show, timeline, registration, meeting room, budget and other core services.

Each site relies on the core services of the vuEventsPortal, and has additional custom components unique to their own processes.

A key advantage of the vuEventsPortal is its support for Supplier management. Events teams often work with a wide range of suppliers to meet their needs for exhibit management, registration management production, installation, technical support and planning. The VU Events Portal helps the Event Team manage their suppliers, and helps suppliers get properly engaged in each show.

Event Management Process and Tools Consulting

Global InterAction has 30 years of experience in program and product marketing, in event management, in business management, and in web site and web application design and development. A large part of our experience is directly in the area of building and integrating internet based tools to support the automation and facilitation of event management processes.

Custom Development

Global InterAction process for site development begins with a thoughtful consideration of your business objectives, and the development of a detailed project Statement of Work and quotation based on your specific requirements. Once approved, we develop a schedule to complete and deploy the application, services, training and documentation as defined in the Statement of Work.

Site Management

Global InterAction realizes that it's difficult for fast moving companies to find the time necessary to develop and manage an ever-changing web site, and to insure that it remains accurate and complete. And yet, it is critical to insure that your customers have access to the current information they need to make informed choices about your business services and products. Global InterAction offers customers a Webmaster Site Management Service to meet this need. This is a fixed length or ongoing service agreement that is ideal for companies that want to insure their web site remains accurate, complete and effective, yet do not have a dedicated internal resource to develop and manage their web site at this time. It makes us your 'webmaster' and 'content management team'; we'll report to you and your marketing or other teams to insure the information on your site remains current.


In order to fully leverage your investment in new web applications and web sites, you'll want to have and execute a plan to promote your site internally and, if appropriate, externally. Global InterAction will assist with the development of this plan, and can also be engaged to assist with the coordination and rollout of the plan; which may include both interactive initiatives and traditional promotional and direct marketing activities. Ordinarily, Global InterAction will involve specialists in these areas to conduct these programs; our role will be as your consultant and project manager.

Individual and Team Coaching

A strong internal web team is critical to support the ongoing requirements of web publishing. We can help your team develop standards for web design, development and rollout for intranets and/or external web sites. We can assist in the coordination, training and facilitation of in-house cross-functional department or divisional teams responsible for their respective web components.

Web Marketing and Research

Global InterAction can assist with general web-based marketing discussions but will typically recommend working with experts in this field. Our role would be to assist you in identifying, evaluating and engaging companies who provide web-based marketing programs, conduct web-based product and support research, and conduct programs to investigate and arrange shared links with related businesses and organizations for web-based promotion.


Leverage Your Greatest Resource - Your Employees

Your web site can strengthen your business by providing a cost effective way to build closer relationships with customers, investors, suppliers and employees. It allows you to be more accessible and responsive, by providing quick information and answers your customers need to support their day to day business needs. And more importantly it allows you to support THEIR business better by providing them with the further information and detail they need to make well informed decisions today.

The web may or may not be your first contact with new customers; but in many cases it will provide much of your day-to-day interaction with your most important customers, investors and suppliers.

The beauty of the web is that it allows you to put the greatest resource at your company right in front of your customer -- your people. Today, it is almost impossible to leverage the diverse experience and knowledge that exists in a company because of the significant costs of printing or presenting information. With the advent of the web, it is now much more realistic to begin to seriously leverage your human resource.

The intention of our training is to enable and encourage individuals in a company to begin to organize and prepare their own information for publishing on the web, and to train them to train others they work with on how to prepare their information for the web.

The more people that become familiar with creating web-ready content and fully utilizing your web site, the easier it will be for your web administrator (the Webmaster) to add, update and coordinate new content on the external and/or internal corporate web sites. As long as your on-line information and applications are well laid out and hyperlinked, and your site navigation is clear and intuitive, then the more information you have on-line, the more capable your web site will be to have a productive and powerful 'conversation' with visitors.

As the web site grows, individuals across the company will begin to envision and create new uses for the web which will further leverage your business in the years to come.

Targeted Personal Training

Global InterAction offers a one day personal one-on-one training session for a fee of $1600. This course will enable you or your designated staff person to begin managing, updating and editing a majority of changes to your own web pages by the completion of the one day hands-on course. It requires a basic knowledge of Windows and PC applications.

Targeted Group Training

Our group training session accomplishes the same result as our personal training - effectively gearing up one or more people in your company to begin managing, updating and editing a majority of changes to your own web pages by the completion of the course. It is more comprehensive than the personal training, and provides more indepth training and practice for participants over a 3 week period.

  • Up to 4 people per class
  • $4800 includes three half-day sessions of personalized training spaced over 3 weeks
  • Fee includes on-line and phone support to class participants during the 3 week period
  • Course and homework assignments are designed to result in a draft working departmental web site for each participant
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your requirements


Global InterAction has developed web-based applications using a variety of on-line payment systems and models. The decision as to which system or method to consider for your application will depend on your business and process requirements.


We offer services on a project/quote basis, and via several packages below. Our hourly rate schedule is listed below. If you have a mix of requirements for site management, programming, consulting and facilitation, we will provide a quote for you based on your requirements.

 Global InterAction Webmaster Services
Web Consulting, Development and Management Services

10 Hour
Webmaster Site Management Agreement
(10 hours to be used as needed)

$1350 ($135/hr)

Webmaster Site Management Agreement
(40 hours to be used as needed)

$5400 ($135/hr)

Webmaster Consulting Agreement
(10 hours to be used as needed)

$1600 ($160/hr)

Webmaster Consulting Agreement
(40 hours to be used as needed)

$6400 ($160/hr)

Programming/Development $160


Consulting $160


Facilitation $160


Training $160-$200


* Hourly Rates are billed at the end of each month. Hourly work is recorded on the web down to the nearest 5 minutes, and available to customers for review 24 hour a day.

* Onsite billing of less than 8 hours will include 1/2 travel time.