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Global InterAction has developed several tools and capabilities that enable us to build and implement powerful applications and tools for you quickly and cost effectively. Following are our two primary tools platforms, and a brief discussion of our preferred design and development environment.

Tools: vuEventsPortal

Tools: vuTools

Tools: vuCMS

Develoment Environment: Technology Platform


Global InterAction's vuEventsPortal is a complete working Event Management Web Site and Portal. It provides event teams and their event participants with a common and consistent focal point, and portal to view, provide, request and manage event information and event and management services.

The vuEventsPortal allows for a significant amount of configuration flexibility and customization to meet your specific design and process needs. It is also a platform on which you may build complementary services to meet other specific process requirements.

Services support:

  • internal and external event web sites and information
  • an event calendar
  • timeline management
  • demo registration, management and tracking
  • registration management
  • budget planning and tracking
  • surveys
  • meeting/conference room management
  • photo archive
  • custom forms for special activities and events
  • event feedback
  • flexible reporting and data management and export
  • and access to auxiliary services from other suppliers as necessary

Integration with Services from other suppliers:

primary purpose of the vuEventPortal is to provide a common and consistent access point for employees to all event information and services; whether those services are provided onsite or via 3rd party suppliers.

You may have existing technology or may later adopt technology that better meets your needs in certain service areas. Global InterAction does not aim to compete with companies specializing in certain service areas. Our goal is to work with these specialized suppliers to insure our customers can fully leverage their tools along with the value of a single access point for employees and event participants.

In fact, by leveraging the flexible capabilities of the vuEventsPortal, we've found that we're often able to enhance the overall user experience with the tools of complementary suppliers.

The current version of the vuEventsPortal provides additional integration capabilities for the following 3rd party suppliers and tools:

  • StarCite Registration
  • StarCite OneForm

Note: Global InterAction's vuEventsPortal includes a license for Global InterAction's vuTools™ class library.

vuEventsPortal Source License: $10,000 Single Company Use

- Sample vuEventsPortal/vuTools Software License
- Sample vuEventsPortal/vuTools Source License


Global InterAction's vuTools™ is a VB .NET class library; it consists of a large suite of properties and methods used to facilitate the building of powerful web-based Trade Show and Event Management tools and applications, and Sales and Marketing Event and Activity Calendars.

Global InterAction uses our vuTools™ class library to build and deliver customized Event Management and Calendar applications to its customers. Customers are provided with a license to use the vuTools class library in their applications.

Companies who are using Global InterAction Event and Calendar applications may wish to obtain complete control over the underlying applications that have been built, customized or provided to them by Global InterAction. For these customers, Global InterAction offers a source license to the vuTools™ class library. This gives those customers the right and ability to extract, edit or extend the functionality of the libraries themselves, for their Event and Calendar applications, and for any new applications they might choose to develop using the vuTools™ class library.

Global InterAction's vuTools™ class library is also available for sale to companies who wish to build or extend their own applications using the vuTools™ class library.  These customers may purchase a license to use the vuTools™ library in their applications, or a source license for the vuTools™ library.

vuTools Source License: $2,500 Single Company Use

- Sample vuEventsPortal/vuTools Software License
- Sample vuEventsPortal/vuTools Source License


Global InterAction's vuCMS™ is a VB .NET content management and development platform for building mixed content and VB .NET application environments on the internet.

vuCMS Source License: $2,500 Single Company Use

- Sample vuEventsPortal/vuTools/vuCMS Software License
- Sample vuEventsPortal/vuTools/vuCMS Source License

Technology Platform

Global InterAction's technology choices are based on four factors:

  • Feature set required by the solution
  • Supplier reputation, long term viability and service
  • Value
  • Supplier's strategic alignment with industry trends

Our primary platform for web application development is Windows Server with Microsoft Internet Information Server; Microsoft .NET; Microsoft SQL Server.

We've also deployed web sites on UNIX and Lotus Notes platforms.