The Virtual Collateral Solution

We will set up an interactive web site where your product and program marketing managers can quickly enter or upload the documents that are pertinent to your show. Onsite, the visitors to your booth or event can easily select the documents they are interested in and review them online or send them to their email address to review more thoroughly, file and forward to other colleagues with a potential interest.

You can use the site at a kiosk, set it up on your individual demo stations, or link to it from other company and show web sites. Let your visitors and customers use it directly or select the pertinent documents with them after you've had a discussion or presented your demo.

The site will be branded to your company requirements and can be further customized to meet any style or theme requirements for your show.

Activity can be logged and reported on, to give you an understanding of how the site is being used, and which documents are gathering the most attention.

The site will remain up as long as you like, so that your customers and prospective customers can return to find additional information.

It's an easy and cost effective way of giving your customers what they want - targeted information for the products and solutions they are there to discuss with you. And where they want it - 'can you email that to me?'. Yes!

Primary Usage

The primary purpose of the VC tool is to alleviate the need for printed collateral. At the same time, it allows event teams to gather and disseminate links and documents that are specific to an individual audience; and in a format (email and online) that they can easily forward to interested colleagues or decision makers.

We have the ability to customize the form, to add additional fields beyond email (name, address, company, etc), if the tool is going to be used to gather lead information as well.

In a booth environment, the ideal situation is when the demo owner completes a discussion, and then reviews the site together with the customer or prospect, either via their demo station or at a kiosk or tablet in the booth, to select and forward any relevant materials or links to videos. Or to enter their contact information if a follow up is requested.

Another popular use of the tool at seminars, workshops, trainings or trade shows, is to post slide presentations and keynotes. Either in PDF formats or native formats. Customers and prospects highly value those kinds of materials because they often contain comparative research and strategic value points. Which can help them communicate your ideas, features and benefits internally; and can result in their being an effective advocate for your solutions.